Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th October 2012 || Episode Now Update Written

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th October 2012  Video  Episode Now Update Written  Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th October 2012 Episode Now Update WirittenBade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th October 2012 || Episode Now Update WirittenAt the resort, rajat draws close to dhai ja and advises shop’s papers have arrived. But he should give these papers to priya without wounding her. Rajat feels horrid and advises he should any how a go to aid priya. at shruthi’s home, gong rings and neha unfastens the door. Rahul comes. Neha requests him in. rahul requests neha why is she still curing him as a kid. Neha denies. Rahul declares, if you were not curing me as a propagated up then why dint you share about split up with me neither you dint report me before moving out home.

Neha recognizes clear fault rahul. At kapoor villa, aayesha will promise some one that she would absolutely appear at their function. Mama ji draws close to her and requests aayesha to have banquet with kapoors and instil them in order that they can delete priya from their minds and accept her. Priya, cady, neha and rahul coordinate things in their new home. Rahul declares neha that he is hungry. So priya declares she would carry some veggies and small number minimal things wanted at home. Priya moves out. Ram calls vikram and requests him to draw close to kapoor villa to have a drink. Vikram renounces and advises he should be with his youngsters as they are still in a frightening and he should heed of them now. Ram requests vikram to move out them on neha and come. Vikram advises neha has left home. Ram frightens and requests to give her address. Ram draws close to priya’s large flat and gets bothered finding 2 gents mending lift. He gets on a higher floor by walk. Priya draws close to the large flat and gets into the elevate which got repaired. Both arrive at their floor at a time. Ram and priya frightening to observe eachother. Ram requests priya how did she come. Priya advises through lift. Ram shouts, I recognise you have advised your watchman to finish the elevate in order that I should saunter and you sense happy.

 Priya too shouts, yes I have wrapped up it and I can perform more. You recognise I have hiked the costs of fuel and disel these days and even these precipitation are produced by me. Ram gets bothered and requests why she is here. Priya declares I and neha are dividing a flat now. Neha draws close there and requests ram to draw close in. ram declares, now I can appreciate on which boundary you are neha. Thank god vikram is on my side. I reflected of clarifying you but no I will not. We will get concurrently in the court. When ram about to move out, priya snatches his hand and finishes him. Ram views on shocked. Priya advises, tomorrow I am going to unite peehu in school so parents should depart their for admission. Ram coolly saunters away. In the motor vehicle, ram views at his hand and evokes the 1st time when priya retain his hand. Ram feels bad. Neha requests priya, perform u consider ram will draw close tomorrow? Priya responses, now ram has no love and respect for his wife but he loves his daughter. He will absolutely come.

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