Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 11th October 2012 || (IPKKND) written Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 11th October 2012 ||  Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 11th Oct  2012  IPKKND Video Online Episode written Update

Shyam commences his guiltless play-act one time again… he says… RANI SAHEBA this is all Arnav/Khushi’s arrange who made me chat remarks which i had not done… Anjali leisurely gets up and walk… Akash attempts to finish her but she saunters on. Shyam moves on subsequent Anjali and declares its all Khushi’s snare . She fetched me back, she has horrid intentions… Anjali is just walking. Khushi jogs and keeps Anjali and advises He is lying.

What is shown is the truth. Shyam moves on how can i put to death my own RAJKUMARI. Anjali views Shyam’s face. Flashback of Shyam’s antics… Anjali slaps on Shyam’s face. Everyone is shocked… Akash happy. Anjali declares you have fooled me so much … all i desired was love, but all you desired was money. Everyone was in resistance to you but I carried you. You are least kind of population that i recognise of. I loathe you just get lost from my sight. Anrav plays he draws close up … catches Shyam’s collar and flings him to police officer who were standing at doorstep.

Police declares NK has advised everything to us. From here we will take care… and takes Shyam… Shyam screams moves out me… Arnav draws close back and hugs Anjali. Anjali utterances and hugs him… Everyone is cheerful .. Anjali moves into into her room recollects all the lies of Shyam’s how he presented her love, love for drawing close young offspring, how he employed to risk his life obscuring and drawing close into house. She just cries… lastly she screams NO… Arnav jogs to her room.. Anjali takes out all Shyam’s clothing and things belongs to .. phots. and sets it into luggage she even takes off her undertaking ring and sets it into it. Nani attempts to finish but Aranv declares let her perform that. She contributes fuel and decants over the luggage and beats matchstick… and set the luggage on first… Khushi, Nani frightened to see… the luggage consuming and Anjali still

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